Wednesday, May 14, 2014

It's Wednesday!

Good day!

Last night after the kids went down I went to the basement and did the Full Body Workout video on Tone It Up's YouTube page.  I felt much better and I really enjoyed the routine.  I didn't use weights because I still hadn't located their hiding place!  After I finished the video I did some searching and found those little buggers ha ha!

This morning I got up at 6:15 and did a Booty Call Routine.  Booty Call just means a workout you do first thing in the morning after you get up.  I did the Malibooty workout video and I was awesome!  I could really feel it working my glutes!  I think I might try to do it another time after my run tonight.  The Bikini Series schedule says to run 3 miles.  I haven't decided if I'm going to do that or jump back into my Couch to 5k training program.  I guess it will depend on the weather and how I feel once I start running.  I haven't ran since Saturday.  I'm a little bit sore from the strength training but not in a bad way.

In other news:  Sean starting walking today!

He has been standing up without holding on to anything for a week or so and last night he started taking a few steps.  At lunchtime today he took 5 or 6 steps in a row!  He just turned 11 months last Saturday.  I can't believe it!  Jack didn't walk until he was 14 months, but I hear the 2nd baby almost always walks earlier than the 1st.  I think it's great!

These boys are a handful and they keep me on my toes.  I like to say my new job title is "Referee", because they are wrestling all the time.  Boys are so physical! 

Happy Hump Day!
Luv, Winey

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Eat Right To Feel Right


Last night was Jack's final Parent-Tot Swim class.  For the past 8 Monday's we went to our High School pool for an intro to swimming class for kids ages 6 months to 3 years old.  It was fun and he really liked it.  I'm so glad he is more comfortable in the water now.  Afterwards, we went out to celebrate with some frozen yogurt at Wild Blue.  My sister and nephew were also in the same swim class and we celebrated together! the time we got home is was 7:45pm and we still had to do the whole get-the-kids-to-bed-circus haha!  And I didn't get my run in, but I did run around the house with Jack for a little bit during the day and we did the swim class so I counted that as my 20 minutes of cardio.  It's tough sometimes to fit everything into one day!

Yesterday's Sunset Challenge was to create a Vision Board or an idea/picture of what my goals are for completing the Bikini Series.  I didn't make a collage, but I did think of my goals and I will insert them here so I can look back for a reminder.

1.  A toned body
2.  Healthy skin
3.  A positive attitude
4.  Run longer distances
5.  More energy
6.  Feel happier

Today the schedule is to do the Full Body Workout and a Yoga Routine.  I should have done the Full Body Workout this morning before the kids got up, but I thought I might like to do it tonight after they go to bed.  I did do the Yoga Video during the kids nap time.  It didn't go that well.

First of all, it was the first time I had ever followed this particular video so I was having to look up a lot to see what she was doing.  Second, I didn't really eat that well this morning.  I had coffee and cereal with milk.  Then we went shopping with my Mom and she treated us to McDonald's where I had a cheeseburger and fries. 

Disclaimer! I do not eat fast food very often!  I know it is the worst food ever, but sometimes it sounds good ya know?  Anyway I didn't feel bad until I started the yoga.  I felt nauseous and a little lightheaded.  Luckily it was a shorter yoga video and I finished, but then quickly got some water and a protein bar and sat down. 

There's my proof right there, that you have to eat right to feel right.  I plan on snacking more this afternoon and eating dinner before I workout tonight. 

My grocery trip this week will be focused on buying some healthier snacks for the whole family!
What kinds of healthy snacks do you eat?

Love,  WW

Monday, May 12, 2014

Getting Ready For Summer!


I wanted to share something new that I'm starting today.  I joined Tone It Up for their annual Bikini Series fitness program and I'm so excited!  It's an 8 week program aimed at getting you looking and feeling good for summer.  I'm starting this program a couple of weeks late, but it's very easy to follow.  All you have to do is sign up on their website, find the weekly schedules, and get going!

Today I planned on getting up early and getting in my 20-30 minutes of cardio with a morning run around the neighborhood.  When my alarm went off at 6:00am I could hear the rumbles of thunder in the distance and flashes of lightning.  I decided to try to run in the afternoon instead. :)  It was a wise decision because it started to rain hard and I probably would have been caught in it!

The other half of today's schedule was to complete the Upper Body Workout.  I went to the basement to look for my 5 pound weights and they were nowhere to be found!  I know for sure Mark hid them from the kids and apparently hid them from me too!  So, I improvised with a couple bottles of Gatorade instead!  I did the video 2 times through.  Once with weights and once without.  The first time through was tough as I was trying to avoid hitting my boys (who wouldn't stop hanging on my legs) in the head with my "weights"! haha!  For the second round I put the bottles down and Jack even joined in!  I liked the workout and I really felt it in the back and shoulders.  My from was less than stellar, but I'll work on that.

I'm also trying to drink more water throughout the day.  I have a pitcher that holds 64 oz. and I'm going to aim to drink that much over the course of the day.

I also signed up for my second 5k Run of the year!  I'll be running the Spring Lake Heritage Festival 5k in about a month!  I can't wait!  I just completed the River Bank Run 5k last Saturday and I felt really good.  My time was 35:14, about 5 minutes faster than the one I ran 2 years ago.  I'm looking forward to beating that time at the Heritage!

Cheers to good health and good healthy choices!

Love, Bri

Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween!

It was a soggy yet warm Halloween this year.  No Trick-or-Treating for us.  Jack only agreed to wear his costume for 10 minutes before he was begging me to get it off him.  I could barely get him to sit for a picture (the norm these days).  But, here is the best one I could get.

Happy Halloween?  Don't they look thrilled?


Thursday, October 31, 2013

My Housewife Life

Becoming a housewife and mother has been a lot harder than I thought it would be.  I didn't exactly think it would be a piece of cake, but it's what I always hoped and dreamed I'd be so I thought that would make it easier.  Guess's not easy.  It's hard.  Really hard.  It's the hardest job I'll ever have.  The bright side?  I get to be with my boys everyday. 

I have a lot of respect for working mom's.  I can't imagine how exhausted I would be if I had to work a 8 to 5 and then come home to loads of laundry, vacuuming, dishes, etc.  While I was working at my last job I couldn't stop thinking about all the things I needed to do at home and it drove me crazy.  That's why I'm thrilled to call "housewife" my job title now!

However, I haven't really taken it seriously as a "career" up to this point.  I guess I was still getting used to the fact that I am unemployed.  Now, I've decided to "own" my new role and treat our household as if it were a business and I'm the CEO.  My goal is to run an organized, efficient, clean, welcoming and loving home for my family and anyone else who comes into our house. 

The first step for me is making sure the house is clean.  I don't mean spotless and sparkling because let's face it...I have 2 children under the age of 3 and my time is not spent on making sure I can see my reflection in the floors 24/7.  I'm pretty sure there is still some peas on the dining room floor from lunch today, but I'm ok with that.  p.s. we really need to get a dog.

I put together a chore chart before Sean was born so Mark could help me with the work load after the baby came.  It lists all the chores I do for each day of the week.  I like to spread out the household cleaning throughout the week because it makes it seem less daunting.  I used to clean our 1 bedroom condo all in one day, and it was easy because it was super tiny, but I still hated doing it.  With my new system, each day of the week has a designated set of chores and I can usually get them all done well before noon, which leaves the rest of the day for doing fun things.  Less chores on  my to-do list motivates me to actually do them!  I need that kind of motivation sometimes.

Here is my weekly schedule:

  • Bed linen laundry
  • Clean kitchen sink
  • Clean kitchen stove top
  • Mop kitchen floors
  • Vacuum kitchen and garage entry rugs
  • Grocery shopping
  • Dust and vacuum bedrooms
  • Vacuum bathroom floors
  • Vacuum hallway
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Bath linen laundry
Thursday: Open (no chores)

  • Dust and vacuum living room and family room
  • Pay bills
Saturday & Sunday: Open (no chores)

As you can see 3 days out of the week are open.  This works well for us if we have something going on, for example on a Wednesday, we can move Wednesday's chores to Thursday no problem.  Sunday night we put out the trash and I do some meal planning and write my grocery list.

I also have chores that are done everyday and others once or twice a month as shown below:

  • Clean up toys
  • Clean kitchen counters
  • Sweep kitchen and dining room floors
Twice A Month:
  • Mop Family/Dining Room - 1st and 3rd Fridays
Once A Month:
  • Clean Showers - 3rd Wednesday
Every Other Month:
  • Clean Microwave 1st Tuesday of odd numbered month
Every Three Months:
  • Clean Refrigerator on the day the season changes
Clothing Laundry: As needed

There are also a few larger chores like washing windows, baseboards, washing rugs that only get done a couple times a year.  So far in this new house I haven't done these things yet.  But every six months or so would be good. 

This system is working out pretty good for me right now.  As the boys grow older I can enlist their help and eventually consolidate all the household chores to 1 or 2 days a week. 

I might possibly post a more in depth look at each day and how I go about completing each chore.  Right now it's Thursday so I'm going to kick back and relax!

Oh yeah...Happy Halloween!


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sweet Caramel Goodness!

Autumn officially starts tomorrow at 4:44pm.  (Why 4:44?  What's the significance?)  I am super excited for my second favorite season (after summer) to begin!

There are so many things I love about autumn and I think I'll do a post next month about all my favorite fall things.  I've already started enjoying one of my fall favorites and I just had to share it with you all because I've added a new twist to it and it's oh my god so good!

So, I love apple cider.  I always drink it September through October and always piping hot in a big mug.  I discovered on Pinterest a way to make my favorite fall beverage even better!

Are you ready for this???   Caramel Vodka!!!

This stuff is so yummy!  First of all it smells wonderful in the bottle.  I add about a shot (1.5 oz.) of it into my hot apple cider.  It just gives it a slightly sweet buttery flavor.  I wish I could take it out with me and drink it all the time, but it's alcohol and I have children to take care of. 

But after the kids go to bed, I make myself one of these and it totally relaxes me.  So glad I discovered this vodka!  I could even simmer the cider on the stove top with a couple cinnamon sticks for even more flavor, but ain't no body got time for that.  Especially me.  Just pass the caramel vodka please!

Any body have a favorite fall drink?  What are your apple cider variations?


*I have no affiliations with Smirnoff or their products

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Latest Addition!

Just wanted to update why I've not posted in FOREVER!!!!!  We've been a little busy round here at the homestead due to.....Baby Sean! (aka Fuzzy Bean, B-Sean)

In the past few months he has gone from an Eat-Sleep-Cry Baby to a Happy-Smiling-Sweet Baby and we love him to pieces.  Hello!  Look at that smile!  He looks just like his big brother it's crazy!

Two kids is a lot of work, but I'm taking it one day at a time.  I'm lucky to have a 2 yo that loves his afternoon nap and a baby who basically sleeps through the night every night!  I don't feel nearly as tired as I did when Jack was a newborn. 

Speaking of Jack he thinks his new brother is pretty neat and calls him B-Sean (short for baby Sean).  He is also getting 4 new teeth right now so he pretty much acts like he's possessed by the devil.  I'll be glad when that's over!

I can't believe that summer is almost over!  I feel like just yesterday it was the beginning of June and we were bringing Sean home from the hospital.  And now Autumn begins in 5 days!!!  We have a lot planned for the fall and upcoming holidays.  I can't wait to share it all with anyone who might be reading this!  Thank you whoever you are!  Tell me your autumn plans in the comments below!