Wednesday, July 4, 2012

This Land Was Made For You And Me

Happy 4th Of July!!!

It's a hot one America!  In the Mitten State it's a balmy 98 degrees gasp!
Jack and I are keeping cool indoors (no walk for us today) and Mark is tending to the firework burnned victims at the hospital.
As I watch Jack play around the house I feel very thankful for the freedoms we have in this country.  I look forward to the day when we can teach Jack about the foundations this country was built upon and what it means to work hard and be responsible for yourself. 
In GOD We Trust

We leave for vacation in 8 days! 

Mark and I will head up to Mackinac Island for a friends wedding while Jack spends time with Gma and Grandpa.  Then two days later, we all meet up (my sister and her crew included) for a week-long famliy va-ca on the lake near Traverse City!

Fish will be caught, s'mores will be eaten, and wine will be flowing...trip report to follow.

I promise not to leave this blog too long this time!

Love Winey Wife

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