Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Cream Puff

So, for the past I don't know 5 years maybe? we have been trying really hard to become debt free.  I paid off my student loans from my first college degree before Mark and I got married.  I also owned my car.  I paid cash for everything when I went back to school to get my Radiography degree.  Thank God Mark was able to support me with his income, because I didn't work while I went to school.  Mark had lots of debt when we got married, but since then we've paid off his truck and credit card and when we sold the condo we got rid of that debt too (so blessed!). 

A few months ago, or probably more, we had discussed selling Mark's Jimmy for a different vehicle.  We really wanted one with better gas mileage and more room.  The only logical vehicle to choose was a minivan.  I have always been anti minivan, and with all the other more attractive options out there I felt we could avoid them.  We looked at al ot of the "crossover" type ones and they were all out of our price range, even the used ones. 

Price was a big deal to us and we had a limit that we didn't want to exceed.  Mark had the Jimmy up on Craig's List but we only had 2 interested people that fell through.  Then the Jimmy started to have some issues with the anti-lock breaks engaging when they weren't supposed to.  We almost slid into another car when we were at the mall!  That day we went to a nearby dealership.

I think you can guess where I'm going with this story!  We got a minivan!

Meet "The Cream Puff"

And I actually like it (shhhhh).

It has bucket seats in the middle row.  All the seats fold down into the van so you don't have to take them out, automatic slider door and tailgate, rear climate controls, leather interior, and I love the color.

What I don't love?  The price.  We have added a new debt to our pile and it's something we I really struggled with.  The good news is that it's the smallest debt we owe (yikes! ).  Right now it was the best decision for us, especially with the truck's braking issues and the possibility of an addition to the family (we'll see!).  This purchase has given me more motivation to follow our budget and pay off these debts as fast as we can.

Gazelles!!!  (Dave Ramsey reference)

See you on the road!


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