Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

I know the day is almost over but...Happy Valentine's Day!  Hearts to everyone!

We are getting closer to closing on our house.  The sellers have agreed to fix a few of the problems for us.  They will install some GFCI outlets throughout the house and GFCI's in the breaker as well.  They are also going to make sure the bathroom fans are properly vented outside the yay for that!

We had our meeting with our mortgage lender on Monday.  We had quite the sticker shock when we found out how much our monthly payment is going to be.  It was about $170 MORE than what we had calculated using the FHA mortgage calculator online.  After going home and going over the numbers for 3 hours....we decided to change our financing to a conventional loan which will reduce our payment by $50.  We are going to have to put more money down (5% instead of 3.5%) but we think it's worth it and of course our loan amount will be smaller.  Beans and Rice anyone?

We are really excited and I can't wait to share our whole journey on this blog.  I'm planning lots of room makeovers which means lots of blog posts and pictures (maybe even some videos!)

I made butterscotch & chocolate chip cookies today!  Or as I like to call them...the "I've Died And Gone To Heaven Cookies".  Maybe one of these days I can blog about them too.


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