Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Brain Feels Like Scrambled Eggs

As I had talked about previously we have been house hunting near the lakeshore.  It's had it's ups and downs for sure.  We would find ourselves getting all excited about a house we saw online, even going as far as picking out paint colors and furniture.  Then we would go to the showing and be all "WHAT?!?"

Bottom line...Online photos are deceiving.  That also goes for online dating profiles, but the world has already learned that lesson.

Two weeks ago we looked at a nice ranch-style house with a big addition on the back.  I didn't want to get too excited but it was 3 bed 2 bath worth of fabulous!  Yes the bathrooms are on the tiny side, but this house has so much space! (Can you say 5 main living area closets!) And a full unfinished basement for all our crap and brewing stuff!  I went back two days later when there was an open house.  I still liked it and secretly cursed the other house hunters there to get out of my house. hee hee.

Mark and I talked about the house for the next few days.  It is at the top of our budget.  But we decided to put an offer on it last Saturday.  We bid 20 grand less than the asking price.  And did I mention the sellers are my best friend's parents? (talk about awkward)  They countered at $132,500.  We came back at $130,000.  They came back with $132,500.  We surrender!  $132,500 and seller pays the closing costs.  We get a great house in a great location.  Only 10 minutes from the beach!

Now we have appointments up the wazoo with home inspection on Friday, mortgage lender on Monday.  And Mark is currently interviewing for a new position within the hospital so we have to work around those appointments.  And we need to get our taxes filed so we can GET THAT MONEY BABY!

Oh speaking of babies.  I'm having one and we found out that it's another boy!  I'm soooo happy, and sooo out numbered now, but hopefully they will treat me like a queen. 

So it's been a busy week, and our brains are scrambled, but WE HAVE A HOUSE!  YES!!!!!!

I'll keep updating as things progress!


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